Immunosuppressive drugs also known as anti-rejection drugs are used to inhibit or suppress the activity of the immune system. The drugs used to prevent the body from showing rejection of the transplanted organ. Immunosuppressive drugs are used in immunosuppressive therapy and can be divided into various classes according to their mode of action.The Immunosuppressant drugs that are currently used includes:

  • Cyclosporins: these drugs inhibit the T-cell activation and prevent the T-cells from attacking the foreign transplanted organ

  • Corticosteroids: these drugs are very useful to reduce the inflammation that is usually associated with transplant rejection

  • Azathioprine: the drugs disrupts the synthesis of DNA and RNA or cell division

  • Induction drugs: these are the drugs that are used to combat rejection at the time of transplant

  • Maintenance drugs: these drugs are for a long term use

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